Recent case

Industry-wide high quality AI algorithm training data set

Pedestrian direction labeling

By marking the pedestrians in the image and indicating the direction of pedestrian movement, you can mark the status of people such as cycling and walking.

Behavior prediction

Vehicle marking

Pull the frame on the road and mark the attributes. If the image area is smaller than a certain pixel, the label will not be marked. Customized annotations are supported for road identification systems.


Bill class data annotation

According to the needs of customers, we can label and transfer all kinds of bill picture data under specific scenes, such as invoices, tickets, and tickets. At the same time, it provides image collection and cleaning services, and outputs high quality and high volume data sets.

Text recognition

Human bone annotation

Cover all key points of the human body, based on the analysis of key points and key objects of the human body, mark joints and other parts, restore the posture of the human body, and understand human movements.

Behavior prediction

Character ID tracking

The key frame is intercepted in a video, and the unique ID is marked in all frames (pictures) to record the position information of the characters in the scene.

Face recognition